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Permanent Rattie Residents


RUDOLPH (Gone to the Rainbow Bridge)


This is Rudolph.  He was named after Rudolph Valentino (the hunk) or it could be after Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer since he joined us right before Christmas.  He was actually purchased, not rescued and he totally stole my heart !!!!  He was so outgoing, loving, and friendly.  He loved to come out of his cage and run on the couch and he gave wonderful rattie kisses.  He climbs up on my shirt, gets up in my face and would lick my lip (sometimes nibbling depending on what I just ate- LOL)  - I WAS SO IN LOVE !!!!!  He knew his name, came awake and would go crazy to get out of his cage when he heard me call his name. 

CHEDDAR (Gone to the Rainbow Bridge)


This is the awesome Cheddar (named by Mary Beth).  Cheddar is one of the sweetest rats in the whole wide world.  He is a Himalayan and he is Squirt's daddy.  He is very social, but he can be pushy at times.  If I am talking to one of the other rats, he will run over, STEP ON THEIR HEAD, and hop up and down as if saying "TALK TO ME !  TALK TO ME !!".  He is the peacekeeper of the bunch.  One time, I was trying to introduce some new rats to the their cage and Henry was giving them a hard time.  Cheddar ran up next to Henry, put his arm around his shoulders and I swear he was whispering in his ear !!!  He never fights with anyone and he does try to ease the tension when things get upsetting, which is rare in their cage. 

FAT COSMO (Passed away from a stroke)


This is Fat Cosmo.  He has the same markings as Scooter, but on the other side of his face.  He is one of the biggest boys that we have, but is so curious and loving.  He is a big fat ball of LOVE !!!  He and Henry are friends (I think it is a big guy thang). 

GROVER - Since Passed Away


This is Grover.  Grover came to us from Valerie in Virginia.  He is a little grouchy and is named after the Sesame Street monster, Grover.  He is a little monster, but I could not give him a mean name so Grover fits him perfect.  He currently lives by himself because his brother, Harry, passed away and he cannot  live with anyone else.  (He is too mean)  He weighs in at about 2 lbs. and loves to "play" with the cats when they stick their paws in his cage.  He defends his territory beautifully !!  If you notice, Toby the dog is lurking in the background, but has learned his lesson about getting too close. 

SCOOTER (Gone to the Rainbow Bridge)


This was Scooter.  Scooter was such a trip - he was inquinsitive, funny, and an escape artist.  If you had the cage door open and turn your back for even a second, he will attempt an escape.  He would be one of the first rats to the door to see what you had.  He was very close with Cheddar and both were very sweet and loving rats.  Scooter was Kayla's rat. 


HENRY (Sinced passed-away)

Alpha Rat - Henry thinks that he is the Boss of the cage.  He has to know what is going on at all times and he definately has control over all the other rats.  They move out of his way when he comes by.  He reminds me of a little old man with his gray hair - he is the only one that has it.

GIZMOE (GIZ-WOAH) - Gone to the Rainbow Bridge


This is our little Gizmoe (He is not so little anymore).  Gizmoe is a dumbo rat and was the runt of the bunch when we got him.  He has grown soooo much !!  We almost missed him in the plastic bin they were in  when we bought our guys.  He was hidden under some mulch, but we found him, cleaned him up and he is so loving now.  He is one of our favorite because we put so much work into him because he was so little and frail.  He has a little mohawk of white running down the top of his head and he still has the biggest ears.  He is very inquisitive, curious, and loves to be held. 

OLLIE (passed away 12/2007)


This sweet little baby is Ollie - He came to us over Spring Break 2005 - He and his brother - Spud - came from the Actor's Theater in Downtown Louisville.  Their mom was adopted as a companion for their current female rat and she was pregnant.  These boys are so sweet and loveable.  They love to play hide-and-seek and they live in the same cage with Rudolph.  They are getting so big now are and are about the same size as Rudolph.  We just love them !!!!!!